Roman Tsypuk

Oracle Certified Java Expert. Contributes as a speaker on meet-ups, communities and conferences, mentors colleagues, has deep experience in telecom area and likes ham radio beyond programming. Roman is the most concentrated on topics about Spring, JVM performance, security, distributed systems, microservices and docker.

Organizer of Lohika’s Java community – weekly meetings with live coding session, new framework investigation, sharing experience.

Program committee member of morning@lohika community – monthly meet-up events for developers.

Test Driven Documentation with Spring Rest Docs

Day 1 - 17th Oct 17:20-18:10 Hall 3 (Main Sub-ground Level) Advanced

During this talk Roman will give a detailed overview of Spring Rest Docs as well as demonstrate practical usages of it within a Spring Boot app with live coding. We will discuss the tradeoffs that developer has if s/he uses swagger as base framework and what benefits spring rest docs provides. Also, Roman will advise how to migrate your existing swagger’s project documentation into asciidoc format, extend it with tests and start using Spring Rest Docs.

After this session you will be ready to apply Spring Rest Docs at any project – a new one from the scratch or on existing one.

Spring Rest Docs has provided robust, flexible approach that is called Test Driven Documentation. It extends well known Red-Green-Refactoring from TDD with additional phase of building documentation on the fly.

This approach aligns 3 main components in your project – code base, integration tests and documentation and you are absolutely sure that your documentation is always up to date because it is generated from your tests. Furthermore it supports HATEOAS and provides lots of new features that are not available in Swagger.